Submission Policy

If you've read the rules before, just jump straight to the submission form. If not, take a moment to read the information below to understand how our submissions work.

To submit to the Star Frontiersman we really only have two requirements. First that you have permission to submit the work for publication. This usually means that it is your own creative endeavor and not something you've just found. Or that you have gotten permission from the original author to make the submission. In either case, you assume full responsibility for the content of the submission. Second, the material must not have been published elsewhere in a copyrighted format. If it is your work and you've published it before and want to publish it again here, we can do that as long as there are no copyright issues with the previous publication. Beyond that, everything is fair game and we look forward to helping you get your material out to the community.

The Star Frontiersman shares a submission queue with the Frontier Explorer magazine. Submissions actually occur on the Frontier Explorer website. Material submitted is considered for publication in both magazines. If you only want your material to appear in the Star Frontiersman, add a note to that effect in the comments section on the submission form. Please note that the Star Frontiersman will not be published as often as the Frontier Explorer so that may result in a longer delay between submission and publication. However, we want to respect the wishes of our contributors. In either case, we strongly recommend that authors register as users on the Frontier Explorer website before making their first submission as that gives you access to your material in our submission queue and allows you to track it's progress and interact easier with the editors.

If you've got something you'd like to share hit the big gold button below and send it our way. We look forward to hearing from you.

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